Big Box Store or Small Business?

What’s included in the price? When price shopping, many Big Box stores start with a really low price but add on fees for estimates and delivery to the store and to the home. On the flip side, some full service companies charge a design fee and/or contracting fee. Stone Creek Custom Interior prices include all of the above services.
What is your time worth? When shopping with Stone Creek Custom Interiors, we handle all of the details. An average person can spend hours shopping, researching, ordering, picking up materials, hiring several carpenters to the home to calculate square footages, etc. We visit each jobsite and provide an estimate, design, order materials, line up subcontractors, etc.--this is included in our price of product. If problems arise, we handle the problem—which means, less stress for the homeowner.
If you add up the time it takes to order materials, drive to and from the store multiple times, find qualified installers, and pay for any mistakes, are you really saving money?

Written by Dena Cress & Anitra Kaczmarski