Q) What is your process for a larger project ?
Q) Will you work outside of normal business hours?

A) Yes! Each individual has outside obligations, so please be willing to plan in advance with the person you would like to meet with. After hours during the week is best, but if a Saturday is needed, we will do what we can to accommodate.

Q) Do you install flooring?

A) Yes! We have several subcontractors that install every type of flooring we sell. We can also do the demo & removal of the existing flooring, and furniture moving if needed.

Q) Do you sell material only, or do you require to use your install services?

A) Yes, we can provide material only for you! The only products that require installation by us would be stone countertops such as quartz or granite.

Q) Do you install products you don't sell?

A) Our installers prefer to work with the products we sell, but if they happen to have an opening in their schedule, they will install products provided from elsewhere. There is no warranty on this work, however. Keep in mind, when we provide the material, we also go to your home to measure the space & make sure you won't be short on materials. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of providing your own material, as if the installer runs short, they may have a job scheduled right after yours & may not be able to get back to your project for a few weeks up to a few months.

Q) Will you do just the design work even if we don't purchase anything from you?

A) Yes, we will. We have a set hourly rate & also charge mileage if applicable.

Q) Do you stock any materials?

A) No, we do not. Every job we do is unique & custom, so we only order enough material for each individual project.