Finding Your Niche

A common question we hear as people come in to our store for the first time or call on the phone is “What exactly do you guys do here?”

“Well…. What are you looking for?” is usually the response. We love to think we can take on any task, no matter how big or small, but in reality, there truly is an area where we excel. Keeping in mind we are a local home improvement shop that only deals with the interior of your house, we have tackled items such as window replacement, but that is certainly outside of our comfort zone & not our area of expertise.

So what area do we really excel in? As far as price point, we are not a big box store. Your big box stores will carry items they are able to buy in bulk to receive discounts and are able to keep an actual inventory. We are a small shop. We inventory nothing. Every job we do is unique for us, so generally, our price points will be a little higher. Keep in mind the quality of the materials are a different grade, but that’s for another blog! We have found the mid to mid/high price point & quality has worked best for us. We take into account we are in a small town & would not feel good selling a low priced product which generally means a low quality material.

As far as our clientele base, we have found that people find us most helpful when they give us the entire project. For example, on a kitchen remodel, we prefer to head up all of the subs from demo to the plumber, electrician, cabinet installer, countertop installer, flooring & backsplash installers… not because we make any money on these parts of the job, but because we have more control of what is going on. We’ve had homeowners try to do a lot of the work themselves & have gotten into a bind when a surprise comes up. Then they call us to see if we can send someone out…. Generally our subs are booked up 3 weeks to a month in advance. It delays the entire project. That doesn’t make anyone happy. However, we do occasionally deal with good DIYers. Just keep in mind our materials are all special order. If you run short on something, it will generally take a week or so to get more product. If you run over & want to return full cartons of materials, there is a restock fee from our vendor that gets passed on to you.

As far as material selections & design layouts, we work with all ends of the spectrum. If you have no idea where to start, we can help. If you have a bunch of ideas on your Pinterest or Houzz page saved, we can help. And if you know exactly what you want & just need someone to make it happen, we can help! We have hand held a lot of projects during our time, but we’ve also had clients completely lead the way for us.

With all of this in mind, our happiest customers generally want mid to higher end quality and are happy to sit back & let us take care of all of the details. This group of people tells us time & time again how much stress we were able to alleviate for them during their project. At the end of the day, your project should be a pleasant experience, and we work hard to make that happen for you.

Written by Nichole Williams


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