How We Determine the Materials We Sell

We pick our material selections based on a few things, but the most important reason we will use a specific material is quality. You can’t have a small business in a small town & sell poor quality material. It doesn’t lend to a lot of referrals and they end up costing us more down the road because of call backs.

We also choose our materials based on our relationship with vendors. We only work with vendors that are willing to work with us when an issue does come up. We want to make sure the end user will be a priority for our vendors.

And lastly, we choose our materials base on the trends. We like to be able to offer the latest & greatest to our clients. We have subscriptions to a few magazines that help us stay in the loop on what is trending and also head to KBIS & IBS (the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show & International Builders Show) to check out what’s new & upcoming. Our vendors have also been helpful in letting us know when they will be coming out with new product as well.

Written by Nichole Wiliams


Cambria Britannica Quartz Countertop

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