Laminate vs. LVT/LVP flooring

Laminate flooring became pretty popular in the United States around the late 1990’s. Pergo was the most widely known manufacturer of this flooring. It became very popular because it was so easy to install, and was much cheaper than actual hardwood flooring. It’s scratch resistant & easy to clean. It’s also an easy way to update your house inexpensively if you are looking to sell.

The inner core layer is typically composed of a resin & fiber board material. Fiber board material is not waterproof, or even water friendly. If there is a spill, or in the Midwest, snow from your boots, that sits on the floor for a period of time, you can expect this floor to warp. Keep this in mind if you have a pet that has frequent accidents.

LVT/ LVP (luxury vinyl tile/ luxury vinyl plank) flooring is like laminate, but better. This is also easily installed, but can be a glue down product or a floating product. It’s less expensive than hardwood flooring & scratch resistant like the laminate, but it’s also waterproof. If you choose the glue down option, you can also grout this material. This option makes it very hard for someone that isn’t in the business to determine whether it’s a ceramic tile or a luxury vinyl tile. Vinyl can dent from heavy furniture or appliances over time, so that is something to keep in mind when making a decision on flooring.
Both products will need furniture pads on chairs, couches, bar stools, etc. They are both scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. If you drag anything heavy across any surface & there happens to be a little sand or something rough between the two, both options will scratch.

Hopefully this information will help you decide which flooring option is best for your project!