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Laminate vs. LVT/LVP flooring

Laminate flooring became pretty popular in the United States around the late 1990’s. Pergo was the most widely known manufacturer of this flooring. It became very popular because it was so easy to install, and was much cheaper than actual hardwood flooring. It’s scratch resistant & easy to clean. It’s also an easy way to update your house inexpensively if you are looking to sell.

The inner core layer is typically composed of a resin & fiber board material. Fiber board material is not waterproof, or even water friendly. If there is a spill, or in the Midwest, snow from your boots, that sits on the floor for a period of time, you can expect this floor to warp. Keep this in mi...

Why is remodeling so..... ugh?!?

For anyone that has been in the remodeling business, or getting prices for remodeling, you may have noticed remodeling seems to be getting more expensive, taking longer, getting more frustrating, etc. We thought we would take a few moments to talk about why some of this is happening from our perspective.

First, let’s take a look at the trades fields- people that are out there installing tile, hardwood, sheetrock, plumbing, electrical, etc. We have several subcontractors we work with that are all experts in their particular field. We feel we have some of the best there are around to work with. One common theme amongst them: maybe one is under the age of 40. This is physical labor, and pe...

Fast, Quality & Cheap- Pick 2!

Have you ever heard the phrase “fast, quality and cheap- you can only pick two”? Boy, does this play out well in the remodeling and new construction world! It’s pretty basic to understand- If you want something fast & cheap, generally the quality won’t be as good. If you want something of good quality but cheap, be prepared to wait for it! And if you want something fast & of good quality, it’s going to cost you.

Let me share a few examples: Let’s say you want granite or quartz countertops. These are higher quality materials. However, the installation of these can make a difference in the overall quality and satisfaction level. Can we get them faster than th...

How We Determine the Materials We Sell

We pick our material selections based on a few things, but the most important reason we will use a specific material is quality. You can’t have a small business in a small town & sell poor quality material. It doesn’t lend to a lot of referrals and they end up costing us more down the road because of call backs.

We also choose our materials based on our relationship with vendors. We only work with vendors that are willing to work with us when an issue does come up. We want to make sure the end user will be a priority for our vendors.

And lastly, we choose our materials base on the trends. We like to be able to offer the latest & greatest to our clients. We have subscriptions to a...

Finding Your Niche

A common question we hear as people come in to our store for the first time or call on the phone is “What exactly do you guys do here?”

“Well…. What are you looking for?” is usually the response. We love to think we can take on any task, no matter how big or small, but in reality, there truly is an area where we excel. Keeping in mind we are a local home improvement shop that only deals with the interior of your house, we have tackled items such as window replacement, but that is certainly outside of our comfort zone & not our area of expertise.

So what area do we really excel in? As far as price point, we are not a big box store. Your big box stores will carr...

Best Places for Improvement from a Realtor’s Perspective

I think it’s fair to say everyone can agree the kitchen & bathrooms are the most used & also the most noticed rooms in the house. So it makes sense that if your home needs updating, those rooms would be a good place to start. If you plan on selling at any point, it will surely be the rooms the potential buyers will notice. However, these projects are also the most expensive rooms to remodel in your home. You can still make a big statement with smaller improvements.

Instead of gutting a kitchen or bathroom, consider replacing just the countertops or cabinet hardware. Updating the plumbing fixtures in these rooms can make quite a difference as well. Other smaller improvements you could ...

"Custom" vs. "Manufactured" Cabinetry

I love my job. Let me start with saying that. I get to create spaces for people that they will use for many years to come. Most of my time is spent designing kitchen spaces. And as with any industry, it’s safe to say, you get what you pay for. I always feel good when we sell one of our cabinet lines here; I know the companies building these cabinets have spent millions of dollars perfecting their art. But you always have that client every so often that comes in & price shops you against the “local custom guy”. Now believe me, being from a small town & working in a small town, I completely appreciate wanting to support your local business. In fact, if those people that supp...

This is a Mistake Making Business

One of our sales reps was in the other day & during our conversation, he made a comment that really stuck with me…. “This is a mistake making business.” That comment really made me take a step back & look at how many opportunities there are for mistakes in our line of work. We work on a lot of projects ranging from switching out some countertop or flooring to full remodels of kitchens & baths, as well as provide materials on new construction projects. Have you ever considered how many people are involved with your project that you never meet?

Based on my experience working at a cabinet factory, here is what I know about the cabinet industry: The order gets sent in (hopefull...

Big Box Store or Small Business?

What’s included in the price? When price shopping, many Big Box stores start with a really low price but add on fees for estimates and delivery to the store and to the home. On the flip side, some full service companies charge a design fee and/or contracting fee. Stone Creek Custom Interior prices include all of the above services.
What is your time worth? When shopping with Stone Creek Custom Interiors, we handle all of the details. An average person can spend hours shopping, researching, ordering, picking up materials, hiring several carpenters to the home to calculate square footages, etc. We visit each jobsite and provide an estimate, design, order materials, line up subcontractors,...